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Tip-Up Aircraft Hangar Doors
Tip-Up Airplane hangar doors are great when sideroom is an issue.
Tip-Up Aircraft Hangar Door

Superior Performance

This door system provides a weather-tight seal and maintains a quick, yet stable motion.


Get maximum access for your facility with minimal side room requirements, all with the benefit of long-lasting dependability.


The one piece Tip-Up Canopy door system has multiple wire rope pick-up points attached to the front of the door framing that are run to the counterweight and floor mounted operator assembly. The wire rope provided has a minimum safety factor of 5:1 at each of the pick-up points.


Tip-Up doors arrive to your facility complete including the side tracks, curved top tracks, the operating hardware, pre-wired electrical controls, wire rope pick-up brackets, the automatic sill locks, side and top roller assemblies.


This door system is shop fabricated in modular assemblies to minimize field installation costs.



Tip-Up Canopy doors clear an opening at a quick rate of speed. This door system is available in up to 130’W x 32’H.


·         120’ x 30’ Tip-Up Door = 55 Seconds to Open


·         75’ x 20’ Tip-Up Door = 38 Seconds to Open


The high-speed operation of the Tip-Up door minimizes heating and cooling losses and reduces waiting time, increasing productivity and energy efficiency.


Vertical Movement

The opening vertical rise movement is followed by a simultaneous tilting and rising motion to the horizontal full open position, with the bottom portion of the door projecting outside to form a canopy.

Bottom Rolling Aircraft Hangar Doors
A great example of a quality airplane hangar door.
Airplane Hangar Doors


Architectural flexibility is once again awarded here as multiple configurations are available. Each door section is bottom rolling and top guided. Configurations include: uni-directional, bi-parting, individually operated, 3-way traveling group and anchored group systems. These options allow you to choose what will best fit your needs. With the Bottom Rolling system, there is also the choice of bumper pick-up or cable-reeving opening and closing system.

Bottom Rolling hangar doors are an excellent application for corporate, FBO, charter and airline hangars. By working closely with architects, contractors and owners, we can manufacture a system that meets your specific needs or can retro-fit to meet the needs of an existing structure.


Advanced Design

Bottom Rolling hangar doors are manufactured in sizes up to 500’W x 80’H. True telescoping top roller assemblies can be fabricated to tolerate almost any header deflection requirements. The factory-installed, dual opposing bulb vertical weather seals provide dramatically superior sealing in comparison to single or dual-flap weather seals. Internal wiring to the powered door section is completed and tested at the factory.

Plus, no release of the electric motor shaft brake is required. The electric motor single-lever disengage completely separates the motor drive assembly from the drive wheel for non-powered operation. The draped S/O cord is equipped with looped thimbles factory set to match up with cord hangar brackets.

Top guides and quick set bottom rails are shipped in factory-fabricated sub-assemblies with bottom rail forms included in every project. The bottom rails are grouted out around the rail head. Additionally, to offer quick assembly and straightforward installation, door sections are delivered to jobsite in factory-fabricated, sub-assemblies.

Further, the “Quick Disconnect” Pivot Mounted Operator allows for easy manual operation in a power outage.



Superior Performance

The Bottom Rolling hangar door system is built to endure massive wind loads and withstand strong weather conditions. The poly foam filled vertical weather seal bulbs offer the tightest, most reliable all-weather protection allowing for long-lasting performance reliability. A stable operating movement is maintained due to the quality of the bottom rails and the top tracks using telescoping top roller assemblies. 3-year standard warranty with an available 5-year optional warranty.

Custom Aircraft Hangar Door Applications
We can work with you do develop a solution for all of your custom aircraft hangar door requirements.
Custom Airplane Hangar Door


The Aperture Door system is designed to fit and meet your specific application. Fixed, manual and automatic adjusting panels are available. Flexibility ensures the perfect fit all the time, every time.



Advanced Design

Rotating aperture door panels allows up to three different aircraft to use the same hangar facility. The rotating aperture door (counterweighted) adjusts up, down and side to side providing the perfect seal at each fuselage profile. The closure door seals off the opening when the aperture door is not required.



Superior Performance

Much like our other products, the aperture door system has a solid reputation and exemplifies excellence. A valuable benefit of this system is that it is power operated. The pressure sensing panels automatically adjust to the fuselage’s position. Ease of operation is amazing. The free-floating, counterweighted panels move with the push of a finger. Designed for wind load and energy conservation requirements, this system also demonstrates impressive strength. 3-year standard warranty with an available 5-year optional warranty.

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